Peter has been featured across many different media including magazine articles, books, television programmes and several novels. Below follows an inexhaustive list, excluding many exhibition write-ups and newspaper articles.



  • Bluebird : A memoir _Vesna Maric (Granta Books_ 4 Feb 2010)


  • Haweswater _Sarah Hall (Faber _ 5 June 2006)
  • How to Paint a Dead Man, a Novel _Sarah Hall (Faber_ 4 March 2010)


  • Lie of the Land: Peter Liddle “Fool on the Hill” 30mins _Richard Else (BBC North East_ 1983)
  • “7th Heaven arts programme”Liddle 92 Exhibition _Christian Diamond (Border TV_ 1992)
  • The Late Show (BBC 2_ 22nd feb 1995)
  • Liddle with Union Dance at the Cochrane Theatre Exhibition _Clem Shaw (Border TV_ 1997)

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